Southwest Road Trip: Day 4

Since we rode the Tramway yesterday we slept in a bit this morning and then went over to the Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum. Then we drove down to Old Town where we had lunch at Hacienda del Rio on the square and then did some shopping.

Later in the afternoon, we drove past UNM and Kirtland Air Force Base before turning in the rental car (1,086 miles driven total!) and taking the shuttle to the airport, er, I mean, Sunport.

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Spring Training 2017: Day 4

Normally my Spring Training vacation doesn’t have a “Day 4” but this time I’m staying in Phoenix to kick off a four-day southwest road trip with my family. My brother had a later flight, as did my sister. So after checking out of the hotel we had time to actually go out for breakfast together at the Black Bear Diner.

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Spring Training 2017: Day 3

This morning we had breakfast at our hotel and then drove over to the Cleveland Indians Players Complex in Goodyear to watch their warm-ups and shag some fly balls during batting practice (we each got one). It was Corey Kluber bobblehead day at the ballpark so we were in line to shortly after it opened at 11:30am to get our vouchers. Strangely, getting a voucher didn’t guarantee getting a bobblehead so we got in another line to pick up our giveaway.

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Spring Training 2017: Day 2

Our morning started out early with a hike up the Echo Canyon Trail to the summit of Camelback Mountain, our annual tradition. It was great weather for the hike and we were in the shade most of the time. It only took us just over an hour to reach the top. After spending about 20 minutes taking our obligatory mountain-top photos, we made our way back down which took another hour. This was perfect timing as my sister was flying in to join us and her flight landed at 10:15am. We drove directly from the trailhead to the airport, picked her up, and went back to the hotel to watch the end of the Dayton/Davidson basketball game. The Flyers were the regular season A10 champs this year, but unfortunately lost to Davidson in the first round of the Atlantic 10 Tournament. We’ll have to wait until Sunday to see if they’ll be dancing in the NCAA Tournament next week.

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Spring Training 2017: Day 1

It’s been two years since I’ve been out to the Cactus League to watch my Cleveland Indians at Spring Training … but it’s time! The tech arsenal is pretty simple this year: my Surface Pro 4, iPhone 7 Plus, Canon PowerShot SX710, and FitBit Charge 2 (I also brought my trusty Garmin nüvi GPS but ended up not using it because the rental car didn’t have a CD player so I couldn’t use my magnetic slot mount and hadn’t brought the beanbag dashboard mount … oops! So I ended up using Waze on my iPhone).

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FitBit Charge 2

FitBit Charge 2My two-year old FitBit One started having a problem last month where I would find it just off. Holding down the button would cause it to “boot” (showing “FITBIT 6.60”) on the screen but while it was off it wasn’t tracking any activity. It wasn’t a battery issue as far as I could tell as the app was reporting an accurate status. I tried working with FitBit support but since the unit was out of warranty, all they could offer was a 25% discount code towards the purchase of a new FitBit device.

After waffling between just getting another One, or upgrading all the way up to a fitness watch like the Blaze, I decided to try the Charge 2.

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Web Power Switch 7

Web Power 7

Over Christmas vacation I had a network outage that left me without remote access to my home network for a week. While I was at my in-laws, unable to connect to my server or cameras, I started researching options for out-of-band management of my home network. I started with cellular devices like this, but they all seemed to be GSM (2G) and most carriers are shutting down those older networks. I decided instead to go with a “smart” power strip, the Web Power Switch 7, which can power cycle devices plugged into it based on network connectivity criteria.

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