I’m an IT professional living in sunny St. Pete, FL. My specialty/focus is PeopleSoft system/application/database administration and development, but I’ve also worked with networking gear, managed servers (on-prem and in the cloud), managed mobile devices, and even spent some time providing general IT support (i.e., being Nick Burns 😉 ). I love technology, gadgets, and anything having to do with computers. When I’m not tinkering with a piece of equipment, tweaking configurations, or writing code, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, watching TV, or enjoying the Florida outdoors.

In *nix-land, ‘chmod 644’ means “world readable.” I have no delusions of grandeur that the “world” is reading this, but it’s an accurate description of a blog’s potential audience thanks to the web. How do you pronounce it? Personally, I say “sh-mod” but as is typical of the web, there are several schools of thought on this. Say it however you want! [uninteresting side-note: the initials of World Readable also happen to correspond with my online persona, WindRacer.]

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