WIJFR: The Wizardry Compiled

Wiz Zumwalt, ex-Cupertino programmer and now mighty wizard in a sword-and-sorcery world, must contend with the need to act as a leader in the Council of the North, the need to teach his new magic programming system to others, and the need to rewrite his spell compiler system. He also learns of incredibly destructive ends …

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Google’s Chromium OS is, uh, a browser

Google’s forthcoming Chromium OS has gotten a lot of buzz recently. My trusty old EeePC 4G Surf has become quite the sandbox for trying out different netbook operating systems, so of course now it is running Chromium. I downloaded the latest of Hexxeh’s Chrome builds, copied the image onto a 1gb thumb drive, and then …

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Sent from my iPhone

I’m writing this post on my iPhone using the WordPress app. It doesn’t have the kitchen sink features of the browser-based interface (for example, you can’t insert hyperlinks — I added that from the web after the post was published), but it seems good for writing basic posts or editing existing ones.

Apple iPhone 3GS

After over 13 years of using (mostly) PalmOS and (some) Windows Mobile devices as my PDA and/or cell phone, I now own my first device that runs … OS X. Yep, I got an iPhone. We’re in the early stages of testing the iPhone with our corporate e-mail infrastructure: Microsoft Exchange and GoodLink. Since my AT&T account has been upgrade-eligible for some time (the …

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