ActionTec ECB2200 MoCA adapters

I’ve been having issues with my Netgear MoCA adapters lately and since they are now out of warranty (no more free replacements) I decided to look into other manufacturers. I picked up two used ActionTec ECB2200 adapters on eBay for a good price, figuring this way I would have spares if (when) these Netgear units …

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Come on, Irene

(my apologies to Dexy’s Midnight Runners) It’s been quiet here in the Tampa Bay area just under three months into the 2011 hurricane season, but it looks like Irene might give us our first tropical storm soaking next weekend. We’ll be keeping an eye on her for sure as the week progresses.  

WebOS is dead … long live, er — uh, nevermind

Today, just six short months since announcing a slew of new WebOS devices, hp announced they are discontinuing the entire WebOS line. The successor to PalmOS and its related devices like the Pre just never took off and the TouchPad was pretty much dead-on-arrival, crushed by the iPad only 49 days after its release. It’s …

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Happy birthday, Luxo, Jr. (and Pixar)

Twenty-five years ago (Aug. 17, 1986), “Luxo, Jr.,” a short depicting the misadventures of a rambunctious little desk lamp and his weary father, premiered in Dallas and did something no computer-animated film had done before: It made audiences laugh. The first film from Steve Jobs’ newly formed company Pixar and the second from director John …

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