What’s a Chumby?

I’ve been doing some (work-related) research lately about the Chumby. It’s basically a tiny Linux device with a touchscreen and wireless networking that runs Flash Lite stuffed inside a squishy beanbag (yeah, seriously!). Here are the current specs: 3.5″ LCD color touchscreen Two external USB 2.0 full-speed ports 350 MHz ARM processor 64 MB SDRAM …

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Old tech, good times

I’ve imported all of the posts (about 50) from my old TechToys blog into this one, so any post older than my first one (on March 25, 2008) is from there, dating back to 1999! It’s fun to look back and see some of the old tech I’ve gone through over the past 10 years.

Finally got into the Trillian Astra beta

Thanks to a tip from Lifehacker I finally snagged an invite to the Trillian Astra beta program. It’s puzzling that the Cerulean Studios guys are just handing out the software now. I “applied” for the beta a long time ago (seems like years) and was never selected or notified. I’ve been a Trillian Pro user …

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WIJFR: Childhood’s End

The Overlords appeared suddenly over every city — intellectually, technologically, and militarily superior to humankind. Benevolent, they made few demands: unify earth, eliminate poverty, and end war. With little rebellion, humankind agreed, and a golden age began. But at what cost? With the advent of peace, man ceases to strive for creative greatness, and a …

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