Trusting in the Trusty Tahr

closeHey, just so you know ... this post is now about 5 years and 9 months old. Please keep that in mind as it very well may contain broken links and/or outdated information.

Yeah, yeah, so it’s getting harder to write these “witty” Ubuntu post titles … 😮

Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) was released today so as usual I upgraded my server immediately. Despite upgrading on the first day the download only took about 30 minutes but then it took a few hours for the “do-release-upgrade” to finish installing all the new packages plus a little more time for me to re-apply my affected configuration changes. This was a pretty smooth upgrade, no issues to speak of yet! I did double-check to make sure the version of OpenSSL included has the Heartbleed patch (which of course it does).

Next up is version 14.10 in October, but it doesn’t appear to have been codenamed yet. The “U” name should be fun, lots of possibility there …

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