Two Weeks in NYC

closeHey, just so you know ... this post is now about 4 years and 10 months old. Please keep that in mind as it very well may contain broken links and/or outdated information.

I just got home from a two-week business trip to New York City.

I was here last October for a software systems upgrade but this time I was assisting with moving the office (corporate headquarters) from Park Avenue to 1 Rockefeller Center. This ended up being 15 straight days in the office, averaging 13 hours a day, as we set up the new office (the first week) and then handled all the support issues (the second week). I was supposed to come home the Friday before Memorial Day weekend but ended up staying through Monday to finish everything up.

It was a grueling trip, but did have some highlights: I watched part of Game 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs between the Tampa Bay Lightning and New York Rangers in “Rangertown” in Bryant Park down the block from my hotel (the Lightning won 6-5 in overtimeand since my trip was extended I got to go to Game 5 at Madison Square Garden where the Lightning won 2-0.


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