Advent of Code 2020

For the past few years I’ve “watched” some fellow sysadmins (from the community I’m a member of) participate in the Advent of Code: “an Advent calendar of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels that can be solved in any programming language you like.” I’ve never really had the time to participate before, and I’m certainly not a hard-core programmer, but I like to code and enjoy solving puzzles so I figured this year I would give it a shot.

I’m already a little behind (it’s Day 5 and I’ve only finished Day and Day 2) since, you know, I have to work during the week, but I hope to make a little more progress this weekend. I’m sure I’ll hit a wall at some point where the complexity of the puzzles are no match for my meager skills. I’ve started with Python just because it was the easiest language I had access to on my Linux box, I’ve messed around with it before on some of my other projects (like the old TiVoToGo plug-in for Plex), and I figured this is another good way to get experience with it.

My code solutions (such as they are) are out in my Github repo.


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