Embracing the Eoan Ermine

It’s late October which means it’s time for the latest Ubuntu release, 19.10 Eoan Ermine.

But first, my traditional summer/fall sports re-cap. It was down to the end of the season for the Indians and Rays but Tampa Bay made it to the wildcard playoff game and then lost to the Oakland A’s. The Super Bowl-bound Browns are sitting at 2-5, in third place in the AFC North ahead of the 0-8 Bengals (been there!). The NBA and NHL seasons are barely three weeks old but the Cavaliers (in year two since Lebron’s departure) are 1-2 and the Lightning are off to a slow start at 5-4.

Now back to Ubuntu …

I usually have some minor issues (like back in April) with a new Ubuntu release, but this time I had a big one thanks to MySQL 8.0.

The actual process of running do-release-upgrade was fine, except for the failure to upgrade MySQL. To fix it, I had to clear out sql-mode in /etc/mysql/my.cnf and then execute dpkg --configure -a to finish the upgrade process. I was then able to re-apply my customizations to any affected configuration files and reboot the server.

During testing, however, I found some problems due to the upgrade. Piwigo was throwing a lot of PHP errors due to groups being a reserved word in the new version. I had to edit some PHP files in Piwigo to “backtick” the word “groups” to work around that. The check_mysql plugin for Nagios was also throwing errors after the upgrade (“access denied”). I was able to work around this by creating a new user in MySQL with limited access and used that with the plugin.

So it took me a little longer to work through the post-upgrade issues this time, but other than those, the new version is up and running smoothly.

See you next spring for 20.04 (Focal Fossa)!

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