Zoning in on the Zesty Zapus

closeHey, just so you know ... this post is now about 3 years and 1 month old. Please keep that in mind as it very well may contain broken links and/or outdated information.

It’s mid-April, which means it’s time for my annual post about spring sports and Linux upgrades! 😉 First, sports …

For the first time in four years my Tampa Bay Lightning are not in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They were in last place back in February and just missed squeaking into the last wild card spot but fell short. The Cleveland Cavaliers are back in the NBA playoffs, though, and start the first round against the Pacers tomorrow looking to defend their 2016 Championship title. The Tampa Bay Rays and defending 2016 American League Champions Cleveland Indians are off to slow starts, but it’s only April and there’s a long road ahead. On the NFL front, everyone is wondering what the Cleveland Browns will do with their #1 draft pick in two weeks and will actually play the Bucs here for a preseason match-up.

Now on to the new Ubuntu release, 17.04 Zesty Zapus.

Despite being released, I had to use do-release-upgrade -d to kick off the upgrade to Zesty (without the “development” flag it thought there was no new release available yet). Unlike last time, I had no issues with screen and the whole process (downloading the new packages and applying them) went smoothly. I re-applied my customizations to the affected configuration files, rebooted the server, and was back in business.

$ lsb_release -a
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 17.04
Release: 17.10
Codename: zesty

$ uname -r

As expected, I had a few post-upgrade issues that needed to be addressed (nothing major):

  • calibre wouldn’t start in my vnc session: I had to resize the library.png splash screen image from 1024×1024 to 256×256
  • home-assistant wouldn’t start: I had to re-create the python virtualenv setup (I haven’t posted about using home-assistant yet, I’ll try and get to that)
  • the upgrade to vim 8.0 caused a few annoying problems: I had to tweak some settings in /etc/vim/vimrc
  • rather than using my old static /etc/motd, I customized and started using the /etc/update-motd.d scripts for a dynamic login banner

Canonical has now reached the end of the alphabet for their release code names. What name will 17.10 bring us in October? Check back with me then (when hopefully my Cleveland Indians are back in the World Series)!


  1. I’m having another weird problem, which I think is related to the new version of rsync (3.1.2) that came with Zesty. I use rsync in my nightly backup script that copies changed files to my Synology NAS. Then, also nightly, I run my SpiderOak backup which uploads changed files to my encrypted SpiderOak backups in the cloud.

    The problem is that SpiderOak is re-uploading every file that the rsync script has “touched” regardless if it was actually changed (and re-copied by rsync). I suspect some flag or date/time is being changed behind that scenes that is “tricking” SpiderOak into thinking the file has changed. I’ve got an open ticket with SpiderOak, but this may be a hard problem to track down. This was all working fine before the upgrade to Ubuntu 17.04, which is why I suspect the new version of rsync, but who knows …

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